Project Cyan

Its been a while.

Here’s something I made earlier


Dr. McNinja

Okay, yes. Magical, talking motorcycle, you and I are on the same page. What do I need to do?

-Dr. McNinja

Jelly Game

I made a game. This is the title page for it.
The game is your basic ‘shump’ shooter with an undersea setting.
It features a few different game modes, a hi-score table and super music from Mr. Rodis.
Download & more screens to follow:


Warren Ellis

Science will fuck you!

-Warren Ellis (Ignition City #4)

Lusine: Drift. Apparat remix

A fan made video for the song ‘Drift’ by Lusine, remixed by Apparat.

401 Circuit

A fan made video for the song ’401 circuit’ by ‘I Am Robot and Proud.’

Beach walk

A walk on a beach.


Music by Hugh Thomas.


Wednesday is yellow. Monday is yellow, Tuesday is red, Tuesday is a little bit green and shady and grey and dirty. Friday is blue, Saturday is a warm colour and Sunday has no colour.


Untitled Cat


The cat needs a name. Any takers?